Modern Art

History of the term Rosalind Krauss (probably the most influential living contemporary art analyst and student of Clement Greenberg) first used the word contemporary in

Genres and styles of art

The term “genre” comes from the French – kind, genus. The first independent genres appeared in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Historical Mythological, Religious

Art classification

Art can be classified according to different criteria. The subject of display of fine arts is external reality, while non-fine arts embody the inner world.

Art history

Art in the ancient world The foundations of art in the modern sense of the word were laid by ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Indian,

Modern Art Museum

New Museum – Susch, Switzerland A new contemporary art museum in Susz, Switzerland, was opened in January by Polish millionaire investor Grazyna Kulczyk. Initially, she

Museum of New Western Painting

After the revolution, the collections remained in their places for several more years – they were nationalized and turned into museums of new Western art,

High-profile events in the art world

In the world market, impressionists and post-war artists are still the best investment. On the art scene, women artists sounded louder. Phenomenon – Ethics is