What to consider when preparing for an exhibition


Come up with a name for the exhibition in accordance with the style and theme of the paintings. Select works according to the concept so that together they look good and logical. Make a separate list according to the principle described above, only include in it those paintings that you want to show at this exhibition. Write about how the idea of ​​painting came about, a story about the collection.

Site selection

There are many opportunities to exhibit for free: exhibition halls, galleries, business centers, libraries. Ask questions by mail or phone, come in and meet in person, ask if the staff can post your work or recommend who to contact. Show your paintings.

If you are in Moscow, you can contact Valery Senkevich, the head of the Art in Nature project, or at the Izo Art Gallery in the Romanov Dvor business center – for a small amount of money you can participate in a group or personal exhibition.

Packing and delivery of paintings

Take care of the packaging in advance. Of course, it all depends on where and how you are going to transport the paintings.

  • If the works are framed in a baguette, protect the corners – a small chip on the frame can ruin the whole look.
  • If you are delivering by car and not very far away, a layer of plastic wrap and bubble wrap will suffice.
  • If you are transporting over long distances, transport companies suggest adding cardboard packaging or a rigid crate.
  • When transporting paintings abroad, do not forget to issue an export permit. In Moscow, this is done by the
  • College of Experts on Cultural Property. The cost for artists is 500 rubles per painting, but sometimes there is an opportunity to cheat. Works from one series can be issued as a diptych or triptych and paid as for one painting.
  • The location of the paintings
  • Think in advance how your work will hang. From the floor to the center of the picture should be 140-150 cm.
  • Check the lighting. It is best to use spotlights. If you exhibit in the gallery, they will definitely help you with hanging.

Press release

The first press release was helped by specialists. The text should contain the name of the exhibition, brief information about you, what will be presented, the address, duration, opening date, telephone number. Further press releases can be done independently on the example of the first.


Issue invitations to the opening of the exhibition. Include the name, address, time, phone number, what other events are planned (I often invite fellow singers to perform). And send out! It is very nice. I prepare in advance a list of those whom I want to invite, and note who agreed to come and who did not. So you can roughly calculate the number of guests in order to determine the number of drinks and snacks for the buffet.


Be sure to invite a professional photographer. Pictures from the exhibition can be posted on pages in social networks and sent to guests and friends. These photos will remind you of you and your event.

Shooting video

A nice addition to your portfolio, although not essential. If you still decide to make a film about the opening of the exhibition, discuss with the operator in advance what you want to see in it, what close-ups are important to you, interviews with which people. In general, write the script for your evening and the movie. When you apply for the next exhibition, do not forget to attach a link to it.

Your image

Think over your appearance in accordance with the concept of the exhibition and its venue. If necessary, contact a stylist who will take care of hair and makeup. Such details will help you create an integral image that will definitely be remembered by guests and will delight you in photographs for a long time to come.

Opening speech and communication with guests

Greet the guests, briefly talk about the paintings. Don’t forget to thank the people who came to you. Pay attention to each guest, walk around the hall, get acquainted, communicate, find out how the person learned about your event. And be sure to enjoy your evening!


Of course, you can do without it, but usually guests come to the event after work, and a glass of water or a glass of champagne will not hurt. It all depends on your budget, you can add pastries and snacks. Guests will appreciate such signs of attention.


Conducted on request. You can invite those who did not get to the opening.

Of course, the organization of the first exhibition is an exciting and difficult event, but at the same time it is a new level of professional development. Think about where you would like to see your paintings, tell your friends about your plans, ask people related to art for advice, send resumes. In general, knock on all the doors and show your creativity. And then the first exhibition will be the beginning of a series of exciting events that will open up new facets of your talent and give you many amazing acquaintances and discoveries. Good luck to you!